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Blue Romance Blue Romance

Whether for family or wellness holidays, honeymoon, cultural trips or luxurous weekend breaks, gorgeous gullet Blue Romance offers exclusive trips and special day charters for every occasion.

We offer unforgettable sea journeys for you to explore the beauty of the bays, stunning landscapes and the best service that our team is happy to give.

Leave the world behind once in a while and escape to indulge yourself in exquisite spa-wellness treatments and packages that will restore your energy leaving you refreshed and both looking and feeling younger again. Experienced wellness coach and masseur on the boat will help you to pumper yourself into a relaxation and rejuvination.

Delight the pearl of the classical Turkish and international cuisiness for your taste.

Blue Romance delivers a truely dining experience with its own bar, exceptional wine choice and champagne variety to make your life sparkling and enjoyable. A gift of nature organic food offered as a healthy dining for guests who prefer a natural taste.

There are 5 guest cabins accomodating from 8 to 12 people,one master cabin.

Spacious sunbathing area welcomes you with comfortable seatings and cosy sunbeds.

Vast dining table in a lounge zone invites you to enjoy the surrounding of beautiful sea landscapes and great food.

Come and Join Blue Romance for a beautiful trip where all your dreams come true!

Delight in the pleasure of a succulent meal served by candlelight under a star-filled sky... Explore the excellent traditional native cooking in one of the less obvious restaurants that your captain's local knowledge will point out... Sample some of the finest fruit and vegetables in the world...


e-mail: info@blueromancebodrum.com

Phone: +905322215018 - +905348228420 - +902523161844

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