In Bodrum where freedom is lived without any limits, holiday makers feel as if they were in heaven. In Bodrum where people live limitless entertainment at the beaches in day time, at bars and clubs at night, enjoyment goes on till the morning.

Bodrum is a different destination in which lots of colorful people come together. Especially it is impossible for someone not to realize this diversity. One can experience unforgettable moments with their friends by listening either local or foreign pop or club music, and also one can prefer House, R&B, Jazz, Blues and Rock music.

Cumhuriyet Street which is known as Bodrum Bar Street, has been going on liven up the night life of the holidaymakers with its different concept for years. The ones who would like to dance all night long on the sea find theirself on floating disco Catamaran. Giving its start from the front side of the castle, Catamaran provides an unforgettable entertainment to its customers with accompany of striking dancers on the deep sea of Bodrum. Enjoyment of pot houses in Bodrum is a different experience which one should have.

Bodrum nights are not only limited with Bars Street. From Cevat Sakir Street through Neyzen Tevfik Street, the area is called as Marine. You can come across lots of elite bars and clubs that classy societies flock in. Along the street, one after another you can see New Old, Vittoria, Fink, Helva, Cuba and Marine Yacht Club in which you can enjoy your night having drinks in an elite and quality atmosphere. In New Old club you can listen to unforgettable pop tunes of R&B, House and 80s. And you can taste delicious Italian food in Vittoria in daytime and evening while you can enjoy your night with full of joy at the same place which turns into a night club at night. One of the other popular places is Fink, here you can have a good time with famous djs and run high with Turkish music in Helva. One of the other favourite places of Bodrum is Cuba, you can also try various exclusive tastes here. In late hours of the night, the popular place turns into a night club in which you can live the privilege of having your drinks with Latin music in such an exotic and joyful atmosphere. In Marine Yacht Club, a part from tasting world-cuisine in day and evening hours, one can enjoy the live Jazz and Blues performance in a decent and high quality atmosphere. Hadigari, is one of the oldest bars of Bodrum, you can listen to Jazz and Blues there and also experience the joy of listening world famous musicians.

Bodrum Bar Street is the favourite place not only for the clubbers but also for the rock lovers. One of the favourite place is Kule Rock City where from different age groups can enjoy themselves in both summer and winter season also they have chance to watch famous artist's performance. Again in Bar Street, Mandalin was opened with the concept of "Enjoy the Sound" by the owner of Kule, which appeals to the elite and entellectual people. In specific days concerts are held in here with blow of Blues, Funk, Latin and Jazz music. Adding a brand new taste to Bodrum, Mandalin which was restored from an old Greek House, presents a fascinating atmosphere with a splendid view of the Bodrum Castle.

Bodrum's another entertainment conception is Gümbet. Partciularly, crazier tourist's preference is Gümbet, here entertainment is limitless. In the bars street of Gümbet one can hear Turkish and foreign music and experience this crazy joy till the morning.

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